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Drainage Pump Station

Drainage pump services in Bury, Greater Manchester




Water drainage equipment

If you are experiencing problems with flooding contact H2O Flowtech Ltd in Bury, Greater Manchester. We sell high quality water drainage pumps at affordable prices. We also provide pump installation, maintenance and repair services.

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Types and uses for drainage pumps

Water drainage pumps can be used for removing water from domestic and commercial properties, whether indoor or outdoor, such as house basements, flooded courtyards, farmland and building sites.

There are submersible drainage pumps that are enclosed units and therefore suitable for immersion in the water, whereas a non-submersible type of drainage pump uses pipework and suction hoses to remove the water.

Contact H2O Flowtech Ltd in Bury, Greater Manchester to discuss your options.

Benefits of drainage pumps

  • Effective method of dealing with flooded areas

  • Suitable for removing water where gravity-based drainage options cannot be used

  • Suitable for domestic and commercial properties

  • Indoor or outdoor uses

  • Fast and efficient drainage

  • Depending on type, they can be used in or out of water

Outstanding service

"Fantastic service and a very friendly helpdesk that is always willing to lend a hand.
Would highly recommend their services."

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Looking for drainage pumps? Contact H2O Flowtech Ltd in Bury, Greater Manchester
0161 883 1777

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