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Submersible Sump Pump

Sump pump services in Bury, Greater Manchester




Complete water pump services

"At H2O Flowtech Ltd in Bury, Greater Manchester, we supply, install, service and maintain all types and sizes of pumps, including single sump pumps and multi-pumps."

Sump Pumps

The removal of excess water from your property

A sump pump is designed to detect the rise in water levels and pressure increases, and in so doing they automatically react by pumping out the excess water through a discharge line.

We have the skill and experience to maintain and repair your sump pump and we can also assess it with a view to possible replacement and installation of the new equipment.

Contact H2O Flowtech Ltd in Bury, Greater Manchester for more details and to discuss the options available to you.

Benefits of a sump pump

  • Protection from flooding

  • Protects your property from moisture

  • Automated response to rising water levels

  • Drains water away from your property to an external location

  • Affordable and worth the investment

Superb service once again

"Superb service once again for one our key account clients.
Many thanks to Mark, Mick & the team."

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Do you need sump pump installation and repair services? Contact H2O Flowtech Ltd in Bury, Greater Manchester
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