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Surface water pump services in Bury, Greater Manchester




Non-submersible pumps

"A surface water pump is a non-submersible water pump used for draining and transferring water from a range of places such as wells and ditches, and for transferring the liquid to another area. Contact H2O Flowtech Ltd in Bury, Greater Manchester for more details."

Surface Water Pumps

How a surface water pump works

Surface water pumps and pumping stations are designed and installed to handle surface water run-off, typically from car parks, roofs, loading bays and basements.

Designs vary and they can be installed in conjunction with oil and petrol interceptors, to prevent pollution and can pump to a main sewer or water course. They are designed to deal with large flows and prevent flooding and damage to property.
It’s essential that surface water pump stations are maintained on a regular basis to ensure they are working correctly and ready to run every time the rain falls.

They are often combined with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) to help mitigate extreme weather conditions and reduce the amount of water the pumps need to pass forward at any one time.

Benefits of surface water pumps

  • Protects your buildings and property

  • Prevents flooding

  • Designed to handle extremes of weather

  • Needs to be regularly maintained

  • Can be combined with storage tanks, SUDS systems and Hydro-Brakes to help control flows

At H2O Flowtech Ltd in Bury, Greater Manchester, we sell, install, test and commission all types and configurations of surface water pump stations as well as oil and petrol interceptors, in addition to offering installation, repairs and maintenance services for all models.

A Top job from a Top company

"Flowtechs team came to replace a friend's waste tank submersible pump. The team (Kelvin and Steve) carried out the work to the highest standard.They conducted themselves very professionally and gave as much information about what they were doing whilst doing the job , which helped in understanding how the pump worked and operated.They discovered other issues with the drainage around the house which they investigated, while doing their work, and made recommendations on how to solve the problems they found for no charge."

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For quality surface water pumps, contact H2O Flowtech Ltd in Bury, Greater Manchester. Call
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