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Essential Signs That A Sewage Pump Requires Maintenance

Updated: Mar 26

Modern technology allows for sewage and waste water to be transported across urban areas without disrupting our daily lives, where this is a process that most of us think little about. Beneath our buildings, streets and homes, an intricate system of pipes allows us to utilise waste facilities without worrying about what happens when we flush, a privilege of 21st century living.

Waste water from our homes and businesses is typically collected at a sewage pumping station, at which point sewage is pumped into designated pipes through which it is moved along to appropriate treatment or disposal sites. These stations depend on pumps to move liquid waste from a low to a high elevation, where these pumps must be kept in good condition to achieve this function.

As such it is essential that sewage pumps are properly maintained to allow them to work efficiently. Read on for a look at some of the key signs that a sewage pump is in need of repair, where these indications must be observed carefully in order to avoid a system failure.

Noises & Vibrations

If a sewage pump system is working effectively then it should be able to function without causing excessive noise. As such, any unusual rattling or banging sounds could indicate a mechanical issue. Additionally, excessive vibrations could mean your pump needs some attention, where this should be dealt with promptly to avoid damaging the system.

Excessive Power Consumption

Another key sign that your sewage pump needs maintenance is if your system is suddenly consuming an excessive amount of electricity. If your energy consumption spikes for an unidentified reason, then it may be advisable to have the system parts serviced to check for enduring problems.

Clogging & Blockages

It is vital that sewage processing systems remain free from clogs at all times. If fluids appear to be backing up or if an excess of sludge is found in the system, then this could indicate that your pump is blocked. This problem can be resolved with the proper professional care, where blockage maintenance can help to keep your system working at its best.

Slow Drainage

Sewage pumping stations work to drain sewage away from residential areas and towards safe treatment plants. As such, it is vital that waste water can drain properly, where slow drainage could indicate that there’s a problem with your pump. This should be addressed promptly to avoid the creation of a backlog.

H2O Flowtech: Reliable Sewage Pump Repair Services

At H2O Flowtech, we can take care of your sewage pumps to ensure that your waste water management system remains in good working condition. Our pump maintenance work includes breakdown and repair services, preventative maintenance, and sludge removal, where we can also offer a range of bespoke solutions according to your needs. 

Simply get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help.

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