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How Booster Pumps Can Change Your Showering Experience

Few things can be as unpleasant as bad water pressure. It means showering often takes a long time. One consequence of low water pressure is it can be difficult to wash out your used product, resulting in you spending more time in the shower. If this sounds all too familiar, it’s worth researching into some solutions to change this.

Read on to find out how booster pumps can be used in fixing a water pressure problem.

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What causes low pressure?

There are many potential causes for low water pressure, and often it can be caused by several factors working together. In identifying what the problem is caused by, you can find a suitable solution and a long-term fix too.

We have listed a few below to help you identify the problem.

Gravity and Distance

If your water source is far away from your shower and is located below your bathroom, the chances of your shower water pressure being low are quite high. Your water will need to fight against gravity to reach your shower head, whilst needing to travel far.

High Demand

When living in a bigger household your water is likely being used in multiple rooms. This could be the cause of your low water pressure, as your water has to travel in several directions to get where it’s needed.

Pipe Problems

Sometimes low water pressure can be caused by unexpected pipe issues. This could be a leak in your pipes, for example, which not only causes low pressure but can lead to structural damage too.

How can booster pumps improve your pressure?

After a water pump installation, many of your water pressure issues can be fixed. For example, the use of impellers within the booster pump increases the water flow, resulting in

a consistent and reliable flow for multiple showers. As impellors do not rely on gravity to power them, the distance and gravity of a pipe to a tap have no impact on the booster.

While both the water demand and distance issues can be solved, pipe problems still need to be seen and resolved. As mentioned, leaking pipes can cause moisture in the structure of your home, leaving it susceptible to damage and collapse. This cannot be solved by a water pump, so it’s important to have this checked by a plumber.

Why would you want higher water pressure?

A higher water pressure can be good for getting a more thorough wash. As high volumes of water will exit your shower head and taps faster, it can be better for washing thick impenetrable hair, or easily cleaning dirty tubs.

With water pumps, using multiple showers at the same time won’t affect one another as drastically. In the kitchen, water receptacles can also be filled up much quicker.

What We Do

If you’re looking to install a booster pump to improve your water pressure, look no further than H2O Flowtech. From the installation to water pump repairs, we can ensure that your new pump is kept operating properly.

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