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How Can A Surface Water Pump Help Local Properties

In our towns and cities, we have a range of infrastructure in place to help us to manage our water supply. Reservoirs, treatment plants, pumps and drains all form part of the water cycle that funnels this natural resource into our homes, facilitating a range of everyday functions. As a result, we can easily access clean water without worrying about contamination or shortages.

Lots of different pumps are used as part of this infrastructure, where this includes surface water pumps. These are designed to extract water from reservoirs, rivers and lakes, where they are installed at water level rather than being submerged. Read on to find out more about how surface water pumps can be used to protect and assist domestic properties.

Water Supply

Surface pumps can be used as part of local infrastructure to supply homes with a steady water supply, where this kind of equipment can form part of a standard system or more localised supply technology. The latter may be the case if isolated communities are sourcing their water from nearby rivers and lakes, or if a backup water supply is required in case of shortages or high demand.

Flood Control

These pumps can come in handy in case of flooding, where they can be used to direct water away from low lying areas in an emergency. Surface pumps may also be used as part of flood prevention systems, as they can help to facilitate effective drainage and prevent the waterlogging of vulnerable areas.

Fire Services

Fire protection services may also rely on surface water pumps in order to obtain a steady water supply in an emergency situation. These can help to pump water from natural reserves through to powerful fire hoses, vital equipment for fighting flames and smoke. This is typically used in areas where a central water supply may be restricted or difficult to access.


Surface pumps can be used as part of generalised water conservation efforts in residential areas, where they can pump excess groundwater reserves to be returned into the water cycle. This helps to prevent an overreliance on local reservoirs which can cause shortages and localised supply problems.

H2O Flowtech: Reliable Pump Installation & Maintenance

At H2O Flowtech, we specialise in pump handling and maintenance, where we can work with surface water and drainage pumps, as well as more complex sewage systems. Beyond this, our expert team can also deliver routine and emergency pump maintenance to keep everything running smoothly. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our full range of services.

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