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Top Ways To Keep Flood Water Away From Your Property

When heavy rain starts to fall, you may simply lament the day’s unfortunate weather conditions and dash off to find shelter. But if you’re living near a flood plain, a fast flowing river or the coast then stormy days can incite feelings of peril. Heavy rainfall, high winds and high tides can all combine to initiate flooding in residential areas, where this can cause widespread damage to property.

Fortunately there are a number of ways in which you can prevent the floodwater from reaching your home, or at least limit its damaging effects. Read on to learn more about keeping the rising tide at bay.

Water pump

Water Permeable Driveways & Gardens

One of the major contributors to localised flooding in residential areas is the current rise in non-permeable driveways and gardens. More and more people are paving over front lawns to make space for vehicles or to reduce maintenance demands, where this often leaves rainwater with nowhere to go. Try to preserve your natural front garden if possible, where you can also opt for more permeable driveway solutions such as gravel and other aggregates.

Flood Gates & Other Barriers

Flood gates are especially designed to protect properties from flood water, where these can fit to your front door or property gate to help stop the rising tide. These are designed to create a seal flush against your existing boundary, serving as an effective barrier as the flood draws in.

Non-Return Valves

Rising water levels during a flood can cause the flow of fluids and sewage to redirect into homes, adding to the flood damage caused by external water levels. A non-return valve can prevent this backflow, where it is recommended that these be fitted in homes that are at risk of flooding.

Keep Drains Clear

It is important to keep drains on your property clear from vegetation and debris, where these act as your first defence against flooding. If drains on your street or around your neighbourhood appear blocked, then you should notify your local council to get these cleared as soon as possible,

Stormwater Pumps

Stormwater pumps form part of large flood management systems in towns and cities, where these help to direct water away from residential areas and back towards sewers and drains. These should be regularly maintained to ensure their continued functionality, where they may need to be expanded or upgraded if local flood risks are shown to increase.

H20 Flowtech: Water Pump Installation, Maintenance & Repairs

At H20 Flowtech, we can help to manage all your water pump requirements, where our capable team can work with drainage, stormwater and wastewater pumps, in addition to providing reliable sewage pump maintenance. Contact us today to find out more about our comprehensive range of services.

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Francky Kalombo
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