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Water Pollution: Key Causes & Environmental Impacts

The widespread pollution of our lakes, rivers, reservoirs and oceans is one of the major consequences of modern life. Water pollution describes the contamination of these important bodies of water, typically as a consequence of human activity.

Pollutants can harm both aquatic ecosystems and drinking water reserves, leading to a reduction in biodiversity as well as potential water shortages. Read on for an insight into the different types of water pollution currently plaguing our natural habitats.

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If sewage is improperly treated and managed then it can cause major problems for our rivers and oceans. Sewage contains high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus, which stimulates rapid algae growth. This can limit the growth of other plants meaning oxygen levels are reduced, where this has a knock-on effect on biodiversity.

Industrial Pollutants

Runoff from industrial sites such as factories, mines and mills can end up in the environment if it isn’t managed properly. This can consist of toxic chemicals that may harm aquatic life as well as human health if reservoirs become contaminated.

Agricultural Pollutants

Intensive farming can lead to soil erosion, where these fine soil particles end up in our waterways. This affects light levels, which can harm plant life and animal life cycles. Runoff from chemical fertilisers and pesticides can also damage water quality levels and compromise biodiversity.

Urban Runoff

Pollutants from domestic properties and gardens can also contaminate our waterways and harm local wildlife. Oils and dirt from building works as well as lawn fertilisers can be detrimental to environmental health and water quality standards, whilst improper disposal of home water waste can also cause localised drainage problems.

Marine Dumping

Dumping of industrial waste at sea has caused long-term problems for marine wildlife and habitats, where ongoing harm has been inflicted prior to the enforcement of modern environmental protection laws. Waste such as heavy metals, petrochemicals and inorganic substances can be consumed by aquatic organisms and spread up the food chain, damaging biodiversity.

H2O Flowtech: Water Pump Installation & Maintenance

At H2O Flowtech, we’re here to help you reduce your impact on the environment through proper water management. Our team can supply and install effective sewage pumping stations, drainage systems and storm water pumps, where we’re also equipped to carry out high quality pump maintenance and servicing. Contact us today to find out more about our wide range of waste water pump services.

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Francky  Kalombo
Francky Kalombo
Sep 07, 2023

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