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What Are Sump Pumps And How Are They Used In Your Home?

When your home is susceptible to moisture, sump pumps can be a great solution. Sump pumps are one of many types of drainage pumps. They are installed under the ground level to detect and remove water when it enters your home. The water is moved out by being pumped along a discharge tube to an external location.

Read on to find out more about sump pumps, their benefits and what you should know before installation.

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How They Work

When attached to a power source, sump pumps detect rising water levels and will begin pumping this water out elsewhere. The pumps are placed in a sump tank which balances out the water level. This balance protects your home from flooding and other types of moisture from seeping in.

Moisture in the home can lead to structural damage to your home, which often goes unnoticed if underground. It can also cause mould which can be detrimental to your health. Sump pumps, by pumping out the water that causes moisture, prevent this damaging mould.


If your property is susceptible to flooding, sump pumps can help immensely by giving you a sense of security. It’s also worth checking with your insurance provider whether installing a sump pump reduces your coverage costs.

Sump pumps are also an affordable option in comparison to other drainage pumps. Heavier-duty pumps are not often required for a domestic setting, so sump pumps are the perfect cost-effective alternative. They can meet your needs just as well while being more reasonably priced.

Sump pumps are automatic, so once water is detected water is immediately pumped away from the home. This means you don’t have to be concerned about manually pumping the water out yourself or even needing to switch anything on. There are backup methods too, which means that in the event of a failure the flood won’t effect you.

What To Know

To keep your sump pump working properly, it is important to have a routine pump service. If your sump pump is blocked, it will not operate properly and may cause even more issues in your home than if it was not installed at all. This could be an overspill, for example.

As there are different types of sump pumps, it is important to seek advice on which model will be right for you. If your area regularly floods, you may need something more heavy-duty than a basic sump pump.

What We Can Do

At H2O Flowtech, we can provide, install and maintain a sump pump of your choosing. We can help you select the right pump for your needs, along with tips on how to care for your new appliance. We even offer a 24-hour call-out service in the event of an emergency.

Visit our website to learn more about what we do or contact us directly for more information.

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